Be Sure Of Your Shot Quality Is Our Principle

Brass Cases



Successful operation

"There are two ways to do something, the right way, and again."

Every successful operation entails three elements; clear, strategic objectives, effective team communication and a competent planning & execution process that is done with the right tools. Running an ammunition & component company is no different. We have created a careful and detailed raw material procurement process to ensure flawless performance for every product we manufacture. We work with a brand of machinery that operates up to our standards and has a support team that provides assistance and training whenever we need them. Our workforce is carefully chosen to empower Supra’s vision and values. We are here to do it right and we expect nothing less from ourselves.

Reliable products

“All in, all the time”

Quality manufacturing is a system, not just a slogan and we stand by it. Our team consists of tactical shooters and expert engineers who would not share a product with the world that they are not sure of themselves. When we say “everything is under control”, we walk the talk. Our operators constantly check our components with compasses and manual gauges. Our distinction however, comes from the optical inspection units we have, which checks each product and leaves no room for mistakes.


We also go above and beyond to load some of our components thanks to our strategic business partners, to test the performance of our products both in a lab environment with ballistic reports and through direct experience of our teammates who are tactical shooters. We know that a complete ammunition product requires each key components to be on point for optimal performance. We do our part the best way possible to provide a strong foundation for that.


Excellence in our work is not negotiable and we don’t sacrifice integrity or quality for cost.

Trustworthy workforce

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We proudly invest in qualified workforce and safe workplace. Our company culture is to create equal opportunities for self-development, encourage ingenuity, help realize full potential and pursue work satisfaction for all our employees so that we can achieve our objectives and vision together as Supra.

Strong relationships

“Two is one, one is none”

In this age when technology is developing faster than ever, we aim to integrate the state-of the-art technology while not losing touch with the human element. We believe in creating sincere rapports with our customers and business partners.


In any sector, your network is your net worth which is why every contact we have, regardless if we do business or not, is valuable to us. Not every conversation has to be transactional. We will always prioritize building strong relationships and distributing quality over all else.

Watch our full video and let us take you through the journey of our manufacturing system; all the way from raw materials to case and bullet production, packaging, our facility, the machinery we use, our team and location information.