No one can whistle a symphony.
It takes an orchestra
to play it.

Our Story

Supra Defense is established with more than 25 years of production and industrial experience in various defense fields such as the arms, tactical products, purpose built military equipment and weapon integration solutions.

We currently have the newest and most technological facility of the Eurasian region with experts and unmatched workforce.

With the highest production capacity and continuous technology integration criteria in the sector; we started to serve in order to offer sustainable ammunition & components to all segments of the industry from ammunition manufacturers to tactical shooters.


We’ve adopted quality as our principle.

We have created a careful and detailed raw material procurement process to ensure flawless performance for every product we manufacture. Today we proudly manufacture and supply high quality ammunition & components globally and our operation grows confidently.


We aim to manufacture and globally supply high quality, reliable and effective ammunition and components to satisfy the needs of our military, law enforcement and civilian customers. Our products enhance shooter experience through to the highest technology systems and quality control combo that leads to unmatched performance.

long-range shot

We visualize, plan and execute to become a trusted global resource of ammunition & components for our customers and promulgate our brand’s quality and values in the defense industry with consistent growth mindset as a company.