Do you sell cases and bullets separately or only as a pair?
We sell our components as a pair; however, we do take certain offers into consideration for only cases or only bullets depending on the quantity and the price of the offer.
Which bullet grains do you manufacture?
We currently manufacture 115gr and 124 gr FMJ bullets.
Do you make other types of bullets asides from FMJ (e.g. hollow point, JHP etc.)?
No. We only manufacture FMJ bullets for now.
What is your minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity is 1 million pairs of brass cases and FMJ bullets.
Do you also manufacture 5.56mm components?
We will be starting 5.56mm component production towards the summer of 2022.
What is the shipment method you use?
We prefer EXW as a method transportation.
Can you make special headstamps and if so, is there an extra fee for it?
Yes we can make your custom headstamp for no additional fee.
What is your monthly production capacity?
Currently our monthly production capacity is 12 million and increasing.
Which machinery do you use for your 9mm case and bullet line?
We use Ateşçi machinery. For more information visit their website: www.atesci.com
Do you also sell raw materials?
No we do not sell raw materials, only components.
Do you have a quality control process?
Absolutely. Not only our operators check our products by manual gauges and compasses, we also have optical inspection units for both our case and FMJ line to make sure each product is up to the standards.
Can you also make CuZn10?
Yes, we make both CuZn10 & CuZn30
Do you use copper wire or cups as raw material?
We use case and FMJ cups.
Do you have primer and powder?
We do not provide primer and powder, however our network does.
Do you make ammunition or only components?
Currently, we only manufacture and export components, however our ammunition products will be coming soon.
Where are you located?
Our office and factory are located in Turkey. Please visit our contact page to see the exact location and proximity to airports and ports.